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Vintage film: Woodworking Hand Tools (1967)

Glimpse into the past in this video from Fran Blanche's archive.

Author Headshot By Ben Strano Feb 16, 2023

I’m a huge fan of Fran Blanche’s YouTube channel because she usually geeks out on electronics and guitar—two subjects I also enjoy geeking out on. I was pleasantly surprised to find this vintage film she posted last week. Fran has a huge archive of old films that she has been archiving to YouTube for years now. Sadly the chemicals on the film have degraded and this is what we are left with. I think it’s great she’s archiving these films before it’s too late.

On a woodworking note … WOW!

This film is a great look into what is probably representative of a high school shop in the 1960s—I’m sure someone can attest to that in the comments below. I’ll just say this: There are some questionable safety practices displayed, and not a whole lot of sharpening going on in this shop! It’s still a fun watch.

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