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STL289: Dan Faia’s next 30 years

Dan Faia joins Ben to answer listener questions, talk about the last 30 years of his woodworking journey, and what he hopes for out of the next 30 years.

Apr 21, 2023

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Question 1:

From Julien in France::

Dear Ben, and consorts. Been watching for years. Never asked anything. So here it comes. Disorderly.

– I have been a professional woodworker for 13 years now and still haven’t managed to produce a single absolutely fully truly square piece. Should I become a dancer or could you please come out about this, guys? I’m feeling paranoidally alone, here.

– My shop, in winter, can go down to 5-6 degrees Celsius (you translate), which of course prohibits the use of vinylic glues. I’ve used hide and fish glues, but even these guys have a hard time hardening at these temperatures. Any thought? Additives? Except for heat, of course.

– Apart from the traditional swearing word when thumb meets hammer, do you guys talk to yourselves in the shop? And what about?

I’m done (for now).

Question 2:

From Scott: I’m having trouble centering my hollow chisel mortiser.  I used the “X” method.  Mark a horizontal line and then two opposing 45’s to get the center.  I have used a marking gauge and kept adjusting till it landed on the same mark.  I then adjust my x and y-axis table to hit the center, then it’s not center.  I’m using a Rikon Mortiser with Dual Axis Table

Question 3:

From Chuck: My question is about wedged round through tenons. I enjoy making 3 legged stools and have been lucky enough to sell quite a few. I know what is ideal when fitting a tenon into a mortise but what is acceptable? Sometimes I cut my tenons a tad too thin or uneven and there is a decent amount of slop in the joint, but once I drive a wedge home it feels very secure. Does the wedge adequately secure a loose tenon?  I’ve been considering the Vertias tapered tenon cutter and reamer.  With practice, I think I can nail the tenon width better off the lathe, but at the moment often end up with some steps/humps. 

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