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STL264: This doctor prescribes Japanese tools

Wilbur Pan joins Barry and Ben on the podcast and blows their minds.

Apr 22, 2022

Wilbur Pan wears many hats. It’s just that sometimes those hats are a white coat, or a community organizing pin, or a shop apron. A full-on M.D., Ph.D, Wilbur’s spent over 20 years in oncology, including almost 18 treating kids. As an FWW editor once put it, “He’s basically a superhero.” He’s also a tool nut and science nerd, two passions that seem to feed into each other. Indeed, he may be the only podcast guess to say, “I know just enough metallurgy to get me into trouble.” His particular tool nuttiness is for Japanese tools, which are on display above his bench. For years he’s run the blog giant Cypress, a tremendous resource for learning more about Japanese tools whether it’s which ryoba to buy first or why Japanese tools are tools, not mystical magic wands.

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