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Soften machine corners with custom bumpers

Shop Tips

Ease the sharp corners on your tablesaw and other shop machines.

I find that sharp corners in my shop tend to catch my clothing and body as I walk by. I also worry about stumbling and hitting my head on them. The edges of my new tablesaw have a number of bolt holes along them. So I cut a piece of hardwood to match the dimensions of each edge, rounded the edges with a 1/4-in. router bit, and mounted them on the edges of the table with round-headed bolts. Hex-head bolts set in counterbores could also work. The wood bumpers not only soften the sharp corners, but also add a handcrafted look to my new saw. The same could be done on other types of shop equipment.

attaching the bumper to a machine

—CARL SPENCER, Nolensville, Tenn.

Illustrations by Dan Thornton From Fine woodworking issue #300

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