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Ramon Valdez’s Woodworking “Mis-Takes”


Step 1: Make a mistake. Step 2: Fix it.

Sep 01, 2022

If you have spent any time at all on Instagram, it’s pretty likely that you have come across Ramon Valdez’s account. Ramon’s enthusiasm for the craft is contagious and at times his posts feel like that guy spotting a weightlifter, cheering them on to push one more rep*.

I’ve extolled the importance of accepting mistakes and once you accept that, it’s time to learn how to fix those mistakes. We’ve covered the subject a few times, but Ramon and his patented “you got this” attitude goes a long way and I think everyone can learn something from him.

I’ve embedded one of my favorite videos above, but be sure to check out all of his Mis-take videos. He was kind enough to even put them in a playlist (below)!

*That metaphor was carefully chosen. I’m pretty sure Ramon has spotted a weightlifter or two.

-Made You Look are videos that we’ve found on the web that we thought were worth sharing with our audience. Let us know if you find anything you think is worth a look in the comments below!

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