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Hay can be used as a supplement too or during winter months when fresh grass leaves are not available. Feed stores also offer a feed blend for goats that can be given as a dietary supplement but should not be the sole element in their diets. Access to water is essential.

If you have a small business then wooden crates would be the way to go. However, that said, there are advantages to choosing plastic crates, not least of which is the fact that plastic can outlast wood. For those thinking long-term, plastic pallets is the way to go. Timber crates might be easy to repair, but plastic crates are not likely to require repairs nearly as often.

Depending on the part of the country you live, there is any number of natural predators such as coyotes or wolves. Another less obvious predator can be the family dog or a stray. If your dog isn’t a herding or guardian type dog like a sheep dog or Great Pyrenees, they may attack your new goat. We had a pair of Lab-mix dogs and they were fine for six months. Then one day they attacked a three month old goat for no other reason than they could. They weren’t hungry. They weren’t aggressive dogs. They had never shown the slightest interest in the goats. Make sure your goats are in a safe environment otherwise you may have to choose between owning your dogs or your goats.

It seems that some time last month consumers complained that the Tylenol Arthritis caplets had a strong somewhat musty smell. The smell resulted in several consumers complaining of stomach pain and vomiting. At that point in time Johnson and Johnson recalled 5 lots of the product.

Plastic is unaffected by water and so water damage is not something you will need to be concerned about. Given the fact that they are hardier than Wooden Pallets,plastic pallets are also the greener option. They are easier to work with simply because they do not weigh as much as their timber counterparts. They are easy to keep clean which is very important if you will be using them to transport foodstuffs, for example.

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You can compost fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds with the filter, leaves, grass clippings and garden debris. Avoid meat, dairy, grease or bones in your compost, because they can cause bad smells and attract pests.

Timber pallets are the traditional type of pallet that has been used over the years. However, in more recent times plastic pallets have come into being.

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You need a minimum of three feet tall, and three feet wide and deep, although you can make it bigger than that. Any smaller, and you will need to use an alternate method, like a tumbler or worm bin.

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