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Online Extras from FWW Issue #303

Online extras from Issue No. 303 of Fine woodworking magazine. June 2023

Online extras from FWW issue #303

Ben Strano presents Fine  <a href=woodworking News" src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/finewoodworking.s3.tauntoncloud.com/app/uploads/2023/03/29165746/fw-news-3-29-3-300x300.jpg">

Weekly woodworking news updates

Check in with us as we look at new woodworking tools coming to market and exciting industry news.

Two cats present six different brands of CA glue.

Made you look

Follow along as we pick out our favorite woodworking videos that intrigue and inspire us. We hope they inspire you, too.

Charlie Durfee standing by his workbench in the his woodshop

Video: At home in the shop

Built for living as well as working, the Maine woodshop of Charlie Durfee has evolved with its maker.

Video: Router table mortises

Bob Van Dyke turns to the router table to create accurate and repeatable mortises.

using router

Video: Simple box, tricky lid

Barry Dima’s box features a lipped, inset lid that can be difficult to make in quantity. Here’s how he uses two uncommon but affordable router bits to do the heavy lifting.


Video: Mix your own shellac

Canned shellac is convenient, but if you want more control over your finish, you’ll need to mix your own. In this video, Mike Pekovich shows you how easy it is to make a batch of shellac from flakes.


Video Workshop: Learning Curve: Turning

Join two woodworkers—Anissa Kapsales and Ben Strano—right from the start as they learn to turn under the watchful eye of an expert, Windsor chair maker David Douyard. In this series, you’ll learn the basics of turning, including:

  • Initial shaping with a roughing gouge
  • Creating V-cuts and beads with a skew chisel
  • Accurately sizing tenons with a parting tool

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