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Fine Woodworking #292-Nov/Dec 2021


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    Online extras from FWW issue #292

    Online extras from FWW issue #292 Video: Upholstery tools, materials, and concepts Michael Mascelli goes over the tools you’ll need to start upholstering, and the anatomy of a well-constructed chair…

  • kerf-bent cabinet

    Kerf-bent wall cabinet

    Philip Morley's small wall cabinet has sides that curve inward at the top, with an asymmetrical arrangement of drawers, door, and open shelves.

  • How to upholster a slip seat

    How to upholster a slip seat

    Michael Mascelli demonstrates how to create a finished, professional-looking upholstered slip seat.

  • Japanese joinery in practice

    Japanese joinery in practice

    The Japanese craft of tekizami, hand preparation of timber by craftspeople, is not commonly seen in great detail by other than the masters who build with it.

  • Tools Materials

  • JessEm Mite-R-Excel II

    Tool review: JessEm Mite-R Excel II miter gauge

    Find out why Chris Gochnour calls the new JessEm miter gauge the best he's ever used.