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Converting bamboo turnings to octagon style

Tim Killen demonstrates his hands-on method for converting turnings into simple shapes using the polygon tool in SketchUp.

By Tim Killen Mar 03, 2022

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I’m back to making Windsor chairs, but this time I will try something different. I’ve previously made a Single Rod-Back Windsor with bamboo style turnings. But now I would like to do the same chair but this time without the Lathe. That is, I will create Shaving Horse components – octagonal in style.

Here is the original design with Bamboo style turnings.

And here is the new design using Octagonal or Shaving Horse Style components.

To create the octagonal shaped components, I went back to my original traceover drawings using the details in John Kassay’s book on Windsor Chairs.  Below you can see my traceover of the Leg component for example.

With that profile traceover, I used the Follow Me Tool to create, not a round (turned) component, rather an octagon shape. The path for the Follow Me was a circle with 8 sides. Also you can use the Polygon Tool to make the path.

Then I replaced the original bamboo turnings with the new shaped components. SketchUp has a capability to easily replace existing components with alternate components. I show how this is done in the following video. Below I’m showing the replacement of the Front Legs.

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