Woodworking Projects

Building our new tool wall


The Fine woodworking shop is getting a new tool wall and we're taking you along for the ride.

Video by KT Kaminski

The journey of our new shop has been a gradual one. Any new space has to feel a bit more homey and put together before you can really settle in, so we’ve been making some tweaks since we first took you on a tour of it earlier this year– starting with the assembly of our new tool wall.

Scouring boxes of loose hand tools over the past few months quickly made it clear that this project was imperative. Finally, it was time to get everything out in the open. Knowing it would be the backdrop for our shop videos, we went into it from the lens of both convenience and aesthetic values. We prioritized the layout first, starting with the handplanes. Our first challenge was picking out the most important ones and arranging them in a way that balanced design and accessibility. In fact, we got so caught up in the composition of the handplanes as we preemptively shuffled them around, that at some point they were compared to a poem. (In the moment it made sense. There’s a correlation somewhere between line breaks and shelf placements.)

From there, it sort of figured itself out. You work in enough shops, you know what you need and where you need it. Once again, we’re bringing you along for the ride. We hope you enjoy our process, our tips and tricks for mounting, and Ben’s lovely parody rendition of “Never Ending Story”, entitled, “Never Ending Tool Wall.”

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