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Big Piece with Many Small Details

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I just finished a very large piece, a Seymour Secretary Bookcase, circa 1800. Of course, I worked the design in SketchUp over several months, built up from photographs and text information in the book by Robert D. Mussey Jr., “The Furniture Masterworks of John Thomas Seymour”. The piece is actually five separate structures – a Lower Case, an Outer Tambour Box, an Inner Tambour Box, a Bookcase, and a Pediment. These structures are shown below.

Within these large structures are a number of very small details. I’ll identify just a few of these below that demonstrate the ability of SketchUp to manage these intricate designs.

The very small bell flowers on the lower leg:

Several Bookcase Details:

Some Small Parts in the Pediment:

The Gothic Arches in the Inner Tambour Box:

The Pilasters in the Outer Tambour Box:

The Key Escutcheon for the Drawers with Carving Gauge sizes:

The Capture Screw for the Tambour Lock:

Then there is the Glass Painting Full-size Template:

Here is a link to a video on how I used that template to paint the Bookcase Door Glass:



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